Training Philosophy

We understand that our clients aren’t just looking for “warm bodies” to fill posts. Our clients expect and deserve a highly-trained event staffing professional who has been groomed to perform the duties associated with each position.

Staff Pro’s management team spends an extensive amount of time preparing and executing effective training techniques to our front-line staff using various learning methods to ensure absorption by all employees. In addition to our New Hire Orientation, each employee is given a thorough Venue Walk-Thru during which they learn the building specifics (entrances, exits, will call, first aid, restrooms, seating charts, etc.). For each event, all employees are given verbal instructions about the event specifics as well as written “post orders” detailing the post/position and event requirements and expectations. From basic training modules, multi-media presentations, to on-going “field” training through our Shadow Program, we aim to teach our employees something every day: whether it’s a new skill or a way to improve upon one they already practiced…we dedicate ourselves to the importance of training and employee development.