Our Founder, Our Story

Working with some of his football teammates as “security” guys for local events in the southern California area, Cory Meredith stumbled upon his life’s passion: event staffing. Who would have guessed that working events with his college buddies over 27 years ago would lead to the creation and successful growth of one of the most well-respected and well-known companies in the industry: Staff Pro.

Having run thousands of events nationwide, consulted on events on a global scale, and maintained a core management group (some of whom have been with him since the very beginning), Staff Pro has proven itself as the leader in the event staffing arena. Cory and his team at Staff Pro understand the needs and wants of our clients and event guests, and we know that customer service MUST be at the foundation of everything we do. Our competitors call themselves the “pioneers of event staffing.” We consider ourselves “the future of it.”